Cheers to the First

I’ve been thinking about how to compose a first blog post for quite some time now, but I believe the best way to do it is to just say hello!

Since it is the beginning of a new year, I have decided to start a new blog and hopefully stick to a schedule of updating it daily. In the past I have had Tumblr accounts dedicated to fashion (, but I have decided to try an actual website. We will all see how it goes.

If you have not read my About page, I created this blog out of my love for fashion and the world of Harry Potter. I’ve been told by many that my style is a bit witchy as I tend to wear dark colors majority of the time. However, I have recently started to wear yellows and mustards, which is how I came to the name of Lemon Witch.

I hope my fashion and style can inspire you in someway. As many of these posts will most likely contain clothing from Urban Outffiters, I am going to state here that is because I work there part-time. When you are surrounded by clothes all day at work, it seeps into your wardrobe and slowly everything you wear is from there.

Well, onto the clothes and random pictures I take in the day.

Remember, stay spooky, stay you.



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