Lemony Snicket: Blanket Scarf

My favorite go-to accessory during winter is a blanket scarf, especially when it is frigid outside and at work. When I’m not wearing it as a scarf, I will sometimes style it as a shawl, usually when I am in class and do not have a cardigan to put on.

Another accessory that I have been loving is this pair of circular fake glasses from Urban Outfitters that I refer to as my Harry Potter glasses. I think throwing on a pair of readers changes the look of an outfit, adding a little more to it.

Whether you love to dress as a bee or not, layering is one of the best things to do in the winter. I really liked the contrast of the black with the bright yellow because it makes it pop even more. Also if you don’t love to wear bright colors, adding a big scarf allows the bright sweater to sit back a little, and draw you into the consuming scarf, while keeping you super cozy.

Sweater- Primark
Scarf- Urban Outfitters BDG (Nubby Oversized Blanket Scarf)
Glasses- Urban Outfitters (Kendall Readers)
Jeans- Urban Renewal Levi’s
Socks- Free People



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