Cozy Sweaters: Pink and Purple

I keep saying I live in a various amount of clothing items, but I think I really do live in these ripped jeans. What started out as little slits have grown to holes that basically fit my entire knee through them when I sit. I could just buy another pair or make new rips in another pair of black jeans I have, but I cannot part with these.

Today, I had no idea what to wear. Although my closet is filled with countless options, I went off to my mom’s closet to find a sweater. I threw on this oversized Free People sweater that is purple and pink (colors I tend not to wear).

To make this sweater more work for my look, I added distressed jeans, black booties, a strappy black bralette, and some chokers. I no longer felt like a frilly girl, but my old, dark self.

Story in short, you can turn any clothing item, whether it be the brightest or darkest color, or craziest pattern, into your style by adding elements that make it you, like your go-to accessories (mine being chokers) and favorite pair of jeans. Never be afraid to wear something out of your comfort zone.

Sweater- Free People
Bralette- Urban Outfitters Out From Under (Ari Strappy Front Triangle Bra)
Jeans- Urban Outfitters BDG ( Twig Ripped High-Rise Skinny Jean)
Shoes- Urban Outfitters Dolce Vita (Saylor Ankle Boot)
Chokers- Urban Outfitters



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