Overall: Slytherin?

Overall, I would give overalls an A+.

I had to start off an overall post with the lamest pun I could possibly muster. All jokes aside though, I have had this particular pair of flared denim overalls in my closet for about a year. I never was quite brave enough to wear it, but I fell in love with the piece in Free People.

When planning my outfit for classes in the city one day, I thought what better place to wear such a statement piece. To make this look a bit more wintry, I threw on cropped teal sweater. This particular sweater happens to be very cropped now because of the multiple washes it has sustained over the years so I usually wear it with overall pieces.

Since I’m on the shorter side, I had to add a heeled bootie to this look so my overalls didn’t drag too much on the city ground. Any bell-bottom pant I own I always have to wear the highest wedge shoe I have. Why can’t shorter girls enjoy a flare jean? I will never know.

Sweater- Urban Outfitters BDG
Overalls- Free People
Necklace- Free People
Shoes- Urban Outfitters (Kim Heeled Chelsea Boot)



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