And the Sun Keeps on Shining

Today’s blog post is a tad bit different because it’s ~adventure~ themed. 

My sister, Jayna, had her senior school portraits today and she wanted me to come up to Montlcair with her to make sure her hair and all that was in check (she has had bad experiences in the past). So I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:30 am to get ready myself and then do her makeup (makeup is more my thing than hers). We then embarked on our 45 minute trip to MSU. 


Being on an actual college campus was one of the weirdest feelings. I felt very out of place and not like a college student (even though I am a sophomore). Going to school in the city is just a very different feel than being on an actual campus. I’m not sure I liked it! Being in the city without a doubt helps for fashion because the city is filled with fashion and MSU was filled with sweats, leggings, and school shirts. I felt very overdressed. 


Anyway, while Jayna was in her class, I sat in one of the student lounges and did my Abnormal Psychology online homework. Luckily, her class was only an hour, and I got to get coffee right after that (having your first cup at 11 am should be a sin). 


We then headed into town to go to Toast, an AMAZING brunch place. I have gone to the locations in Asbury and Red Bank, but it was my first time to this one. They are all very different, and this one was in a very old house. I usually get the tofu scramble when I go, but today, I ventured for the veggie burger with French fries. Best. French. Fries. Ever. That is all. 


I then had to rush Jayna back to her next class and I went back to Montclair to kill two hours while I waited for her. There are a bunch of cute shops and an Urban Outfitters that I had to check out. My find of the day though was this bookstore that sold new and used books. I was in absolute awe the entire time. It felt endless. I spent at least 45 minutes in there just taking everything in. Definitely a highlight of the day. 


When we came home, I played with my puppers while Jayna snapped some ootd pictures for me. It was another beautiful day high 60 degree day in the middle of February. Still not complaining though. I’ll only start complaining when it drops to 40 and I have to put on pants. 


I hope your day was filled with an adventure or you’re planning an adventure really soon. If you can’t get out and go on your own adventure, my favorite adventures happen when I read. Books have endless amounts of adventures for you to discover. Go find them. Get lost. 

Shirt- Aeropostale (it’s ancient)
Jacket- Urban Outfitters (Camo Print Over Shirt)
Shorts- Urban Outfitters (BDG High Rise Cheeky Short)
Stockings- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Urban Outfitters (Dr. Martens)
Chokers- Urban Outfitters



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